Vitalick Neuterin

Vitalick Neuterin (LICK) is an NFT ecosystem meme coin that seeks to offer something paw-sitive for those who have been licking their wounds since the events of 17 May 2021, the fateful day when Vitalik effectively rugged various dog tokens.

Although the benevolent overlord of Ethereum had noble intentions, Vitalik’s act of abruptly donating all of his dog tokens is emblematic of the phrase, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

With the limp price action that ensued, it was clear that dog tokens had sustained a ‘Vitalick Neuterin’ - Those who bought those assets at the top were raw-dogged and experienced a sensation akin to having their appendages lopped off unceremoniously.



LICK Tokens



100% Fair Launch


Applying the lessons of 17 May 2021, we will NOT send our doggone tokens to Vitalik with the expectation of them being burnt as that would be as reliable as trying to get Mother Teresa to impregnate Caitlyn Jenner.


With each transaction that happens, 3% will be allocated to Reflection.


To ease the Neuterin pain, LICK hodlers will have a chance to win 6 BNBs on every 120 BNB of trading volume from the Boner-Fide Relief Fund.


3% of transactions fees go to Marketing.


LICK Sellers will suffer from an additional 6% Neuterin.



  • 1000 Telegram members
  • 1000 Twitter members
  • List on CoinmarketCap
  • List on Coingecko


  • 10,000 Telegram members
  • 10,000 Twitter members
  • Launch of our Boner-Fide Relief fund: 3% of the proceeds in our HIV Paw-sitive and Meno-paws wallets will be donated to randomly selected AKITA, ELON, and SHIB Hodlers who join our Telegram/Twitter group and spread our doggerel far and wide by tagging 2 members from one of these communities on Telegram/Twitter.


  • Launch of LICK NFT Ecosystem
  • Launch of commemorative NFTs (Boner-fide, RAW-DOG, DOGE-VIPER, HIV Paw-sitive, Meno-paws) to memorialize the plight of those who have a bone to pick with the events of 17 May 2021.



Raw Dog

Doge Viper

HIV Paw-sitive


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